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About The Train Station

About The Train Station

Our goal is to build community and empower individuals by providing a comfortable space to pursue passions, explore ideas, and connect with each other

Check out our services and calendar to see what that might look like

We strive to practice radical inclusion so that all may feel welcomed in our community space

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These are our current services
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We are open to barter and energy exchanges for all listed donation rates/fees

service 1

Event/Meeting Space

Come together

service 2

Computer Repair and Resale

Get connected

service 3

Web Development

Project your passion

service 4

Audio/Video Production

Create your vision

service 5


Share your experience

service 6



Look Up To Art

Our event space ceiling is comprised of individual works of art from members of our community, a reminder that every person has value and when we come together, we can create something truly spectacular

Click on individual tiles to see a full photo and learn more about the artist and what they wish to promote

**A note from August, 2019: We hope to have professional photographs and full artist descriptions of all tiles within the next 6 months, check back soon!**


We are currently seeking sponsors for concerts, workshops, community events, and our residency program.
Please contact us if interested



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All donations go toward improving the community space and sponsoring community events

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302 S Story St, Appleton, Wi, 54914

Phone Number

+1 773-DIYARTS

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